DuPage Fine Arts &

Lockport-Homer Youth Theater

We are a not for profit group focused on providing high-quality experiences in the performing arts.  Dedicated to our community, our participants and our families; it is our hope to partner with our cast and workshop participants to create an educational theatrical experience that will last a lifetime!

Our Mission:

To provide outstanding theatrical learning experiences that develop leadership, emphasize responsibility and foster teamwork in a supportive, respectful environment.  We are proud to be dedicated to the Lockport & Homer community in providing these experiences.

What Inspires us about the Arts:

Literature invites us into hearts and minds of others. Visual art gives new perspectives while satisfying our need for beauty.  Drama welcomes us to suspend disbelief, to pretend and consider “what if.” Dance extends communication of thoughts and feelings through use of the body. Music “soothes the soul” while giving insights into ideas and emotions beyond words. The arts engender concentrated work punctuated with play. Curiosity is aroused and interest is piqued as we consider the possibilities arts materials, tools, techniques, and products present to express thoughts and feelings.