Featured Dancers


We strive to provide a learning environment for all students interested in performing arts.  We understand that students studying dance may have a schedule that doesn't allow them extra time.  A Featured Dancer Role might be for you!

A Featured Dancer in our musicals is typically a student of dance.  We offer these roles so that students that are already dancing have the opportunity to perform in a musical while continuing to study dance.

We are now offering a class through Wings Dance Studio for students who wish to particiapte as a featured dancer in our musicals.  The class will include learning all choreography for this show and assit in teaching the cast members the dances (giving students choreography experince).  

Featured Dancers will be required to be at every Friday rehearsal – they do not need to attend singing and blocking rehearsals if they are only dancing.  Once the show is learned featured dancers will need to attend run through rehearsals as well.  The rehearsal schedule will be available prior to auditions.   If you audition for a featured dancer and do not make the class,  you will not be eligible to participate in the general cast.  

If you choose to particiapte in the gneral program you will not be considered for a featured dancer role.  This dance fcused option is for students that only wish to dance in the show.

Please contact us with any questions you might have about registering your student to be a featured dancer in one of our productions.  info@homeryouththeater.com